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Blown or Damaged Speakers? - Speaker Repair Center
Speaker Repair Lookup Wizard

Guaranteed Reconing and Refoaming Services

You'll get Fast Turnaround on your speaker repair plus Guaranteed Satisfaction. Our technicians have reconed or refoamed over 40,000 speakers from brands like Cerwin Vega, Eminence, EV, JBL, Advent, Fender, Celestion, Infinity and many more top hi-fi and pro audio speaker brands.

Damaged Speaker

Wayne from North Carolina


"Just wanted to shout out an 'atta boy' to your repair staff. I received my sub woofer
yesterday installed it and put it through hell last night. It performed perfectly. Once
again great work and many thanks."

Joseph from Indiana


"Received my speakers today. They look and sound great. You are truly pros
and your work is first rate. Thank you for your help."

Harry from Texas


"I had my JBL D120 repaired using your service and I'd like to thank you for an
excellent repair. Please thank the repairman for doing a great job."

Tim from Louisiana


"Thanks again for doing such a great job. Both sets of speakers I had re-coned look
exceptional. The Kenwoods are already installed and sound great!"

Chuck from Connecticut


"Received my speaker on Monday and installed it and WOW!!! WOW!!!. It has never
sounded as good as it does now. Great job repair center. Thank you!"

Don from Kentucky


"That was the fastest I ever got anything shipped back. If it works like it looks it will
be great. A great job on reconing it. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a job well done
and super fast shipping."

James from New Mexico


"I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how pleased I was with the
repairs that were performed on a pair of Infinity speakers that I had refoamed.
They sound just like new, I was amazed at how everything was handled from shipping
to the incredible work on my speakers. I also have a pair of pioneers speakers that
also need refoaming and you can bet I'll be sending them to you."



"Got my speakers today. Installed them in my box, a perfect fit. Sounds great
and thank you for the great customer support couldn't ask for any better. Finally got
this closed. Thanks for enclosing a catalog, you guys have great staff and great prices..."

George from South Carolina


"Your work amaze me. The speakers sound better than when they were brand new.
The amazing thing is that you can't tell these are some twenty plus year speakers.
Very nice work and thanks for how well and how smooth this whole transaction was.
I certainly know where to go for speakers and a host of other parts and accessories
now and in the future. Thanks again for such a great experience with my speaker

Speaker Repair Before and After

Make Your Old Speakers Sound New Again

Your blown or damaged high performance or vintage speakers can be difficult and costly to replace. Reconing your speakers will restore the appearance and original sound the speaker was designed to reproduce. Typically, speaker repair is less expensive than replacing your valued speaker. Our speaker repair technicians use only quality parts and deliver the same top quality customer service that you have come to expect from us for amany years.

Know When Its Time to Replace

Vintage or high performance speakers that are blown or have visible damage to their cone/cap/surround/wiring are prime candidates for our reconing services.

Speaker repair service usually takes only a few days from the receipt of your speaker at our Speaker Repair Center and your satisfaction is guaranteed. To initiate your repair order simply find your exact speaker using our look-up wizard to get an instant repair quote.

The Speaker Repair Center is currently relocating. Drop off and shipping location will be listed here in the coming weeks.